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Daryl Dixon and staff members regularly write articles for a number of publications including the The Canberra Times, the Sun-Herald and the Smart Investor. We will continually update these articles here for you to read.

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  • Grass still greener despite dollar's fall

    David Potts July 03, 2013 The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

    The superior outlook for United States real estate and Asian equities has not been diminished by a sharp fall in the Australian dollar, as experts warn of the challenges that face home-grown investments.

  • Seeking shelter from the storm

    Annette Sampson October 19, 2011 The Sydney Morning Herald

    Recent financial turmoil has raised serious questions about where it is safest to stash cash. Annette Sampson examines the fine print across a range of options and the kinds of protection and security offered. Dixon Advisory's managing director of the investment advisory team, Lyle Meaney, says that covers most institutions that Australians would deposit with but it still pays to check.

  • Dixon Advisory identifies benefits of BHP buyback for many clients

    Troy O'Dwyer, Investment Analyst April 15, 2011 Dixon Advisory

    Dixon Advisory advised many clients to take part in this month’s BHP Billiton Off-Market Share Buy-Back where it suited their circumstances – and the transaction will be beneficial for them.

  • DIY funds likely to jump at BHP buyback

    Bianca Hartge-Hazelman March 09, 2011 Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

    Financial planners expect the majority of self-managed super annuation funds to take up BHP Biliton's offer to participate in its $5 billion share buyback. Dixon Advisory managing director of investment advice Lyle Meaney said his company was "likely to recommend" that its SMSF clients accept the buyback.

  • Trustees diversify into cash machines

    Bianca Hartge-Hazelman March 04, 2011 Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

    Self-managed so location superannuation funds are considering automatic owner original cash machines risks as diversifying a means of of diversifying their portfolios. Financial advice firm Dixon Advisory warns that SMSFs must ensure they understand the risks before investing. Lyle Meaney, Managing Director of Investments, Dixon Advisory quoted.