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Daryl Dixon and Dixon Advisory staff members regularly write articles on self managed super funds (SMSFs) and financial issues for a number of publications including the The Canberra Times, the Sun-Herald, The Finanical Review and the Smart Investor. We will continually update these articles here for you to read.

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Time to rethink pensions

Many non-homeowner retirees are forced to draw on their capital to live. Our outdated social security system is weighted against retirees who don't own their own home.

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The Family Home, Pensions and the Assets test

Daryl addresses how governments facing an ageing population need to encourage people to use their real estate more effectively and encourage productive investment as we face rising unemployment, inadequate tax revenue and a economy that is slowing down.

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Pressure on retirees

Deprived of good returns on safe investments, self-funded retirees are turning to risky investments that could lead to capital losses.

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Think before adding kids to your SMSF

Generally two adults who are spouses will act as trustees and be members of the SMSF. This reflects not only that many couples organise their retirement planning together but that SMSFs rules require at least two individuals (but no more than four) to act as trustees.

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