Why choose Dixon Advisory - Estate planning

Our team of estate planning lawyers and financial advisers can assist you to keep your assets protected through strategic investment trusts and structures administered with minimum taxation liability. We will guide you through the complex compliance and regulatory aspects of superannuation and as your assets transfer to the next generation. We will work hard to tailor an estate plan that helps you legally minimise your tax and achieve your desired distribution of wealth and asset protection.

The Dixon Advisory difference

Our clients trust us to support them in the planning for the distribution of their estate by:

  • creating a legacy plan that protects beneficiaries
  • understanding the basics of estate planning and trust structures
  • drafting documents including wills, testamentary trusts, and Powers of Attorney and executor agreements
  • providing tax advice.


Explore the benefits of careful estate planning

Discover how well-structured and considered estate planning can help you distribute your assets the way you intend.