Defined benefit super scheme

Unlock three decades of specialist public service expertise

Daryl Dixon is renowned for providing specialist financial advice for public servants since 1986. This leadership underpins Dixon Advisory’s strong reputation for providing expert advice on optimising benefits through all public service superannuation and pension schemes including:


  • CSS (Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme)
  • PSS (Public Sector Superannuation Scheme)
  • DFRDB (Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme)
  • MSBS (Military Benefits and Superannuation Scheme)


  • SSS (State Super Scheme)
  • SASS (State Authorities Super Scheme)


  • ESSS (Emergency Services and State Super) – ESSS Revised Scheme, ESSS New Scheme, ESSS Defined Benefit 


  • defined benefit super schemes from corporate entities including UniSuper, Telstra and Qantas.

Let us help you manage your defined benefit scheme

If you are a member of a defined benefit super scheme, we can help you to:

  • select the most appropriate level of contributions while maintaining cash flow.
  • understand your benefit entitlements and make the right choice in respect to objectives, cash flow, tax implications, superannuation structures and personal needs.
  • navigate the tax impacts while contributing as well as in retirement.
  • assess the different options available with a redundancy offer, including reviewing future work intentions, tax considerations and your overall financial position.
  • align your defined benefit scheme with your other retirement savings.

Maximise your public service redundancy package

If you are retrenched under a public service superannuation structure, our specialist financial advisers can guide you to maximise redundancy payments through advice on:

  • available options when accepting a redundancy
  • what to do with redundancy and leave payments, including paying down debt and investing in superannuation
  • optimal tax treatment of your redundancy and leave payments
  • the impact of redundancy on your overall financial position, including the option to retire
  • broader financial strategies to meet your retirement goals.

Discover personal and expert financial advice

You can customise a personal strategy for long-term wealth creation by talking to our financial experts.