Planning for retirement

Optimise your wealth for retirement

We have helped thousands of clients carefully consider their financial strategy for retirement. Planning now and choosing the most appropriate superannuation structure may be crucial to achieving your desired lifestyle in retirement. We can assist you with tailored and flexible advice on:

  • transition-to-retirement strategies
  • tax and contribution strategies
  • cash flow and debt management
  • superannuation and self managed super funds SMSFs
  • SMSF succession planning
  • estate planning.

Unlock transition-to-retirement strategies

When you reach preservation age (the age at which you can access your superannuation if you are retired or have started a transition-to-retirement income stream), then you can access your superannuation as an income stream. A transition-to-retirement income stream may allow you to reduce working hours as you approach retirement, fund salary sacrifice contributions and reduce personal debt. 

Make the most of your assets

Making the most of your assets with a range of tax and contribution strategies is an effective income generator for retirement. We can help you review your desired income for retirement and optimise it through superannuation, pension and salary sacrifice options. We will review the timing of these strategies and the impact of tax both pre- and post-retirement.

Manage cash flow and debt

As you work towards retirement, it is important to have a clear understanding of when you can afford to retire. Directing surplus cash flow now – in the most appropriate way – along with reviewing how to pay off your mortgage and manage investment debt is a critical part of the process. We can advise you on some of the best strategies to support this goal.

Benefit from pensions, superannuation and SMSFs

Maximising the benefits of your superannuation is critical to growing your wealth for retirement. This can include salary sacrificing, after-tax contributions, defined benefit scheme contributions and establishing an SMSF if it is suitable to do so. We are SMSF specialists and can guide you through the benefits and considerations to determine if this is the most appropriate structure to support your retirement objectives. 

Managing your SMSF in your later years

SMSF trustees must consider that over time external factors and unforeseen events can change your priorities and those of your SMSF, and potentially limit your ability to make decisions or operate your fund. We can work with you to create a tailored SMSF succession plan that helps to provide certainty for your beneficiaries and help mitigate related risks. 

Manage your estate with confidence

Estate planning ensures that the transfer of your wealth to your beneficiaries is seamless, minimises their tax liability and provides maximum asset protection. Our team of financial advisers can work in tandem with our estate planning lawyers to tailor a plan that achieves your desired distribution of wealth in a tax-effective way, with complementary legal solutions for you. These include tax management and reduction strategies, and inheritance protection. Find out more about our estate planning service.

Making sure your super is right for you

Whether you’ve had the same super fund or investment structure in place for some time, your personal circumstances and balance may have changed – which is why it makes sense to review your arrangements. But where do you start? By using our simple guide, we show you five key areas you should consider when comparing options, which can help make it easier to make a more informed choice about your super and determine the most appropriate solution for you.

Download our guide to review and compare your super

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