Preparing for retirement

How to plan for retirement and manage your money at every stage

Whether you’re planning for retirement, transitioning into retirement, or reviewing your long-term investment strategy while in retirement, Dixon Advisory is here to support you.

Retirement is a personal journey that often means different things to different people. It can mark a new era in your life, it may be a gradual transition, or it may even be unplanned. The common thread is making sure you’re financially prepared to live the life you want.

Retiring in Australia - The numbers


of Australians aged 65+ will live longer than their life expectancy


older Australians owned their homes without a mortgage in 2013-14


aged 65 and over received at least a partial Age Pension at 30 June 2015


of your pre-retirement income is needed to maintain a similar standard of living in retirement1


What's your retirementality?


Remember ...

   Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

Warren Buffett


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