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A recovery in resources

Lyle Meaney, Managing Director, Wealth Advice

Following a tumultuous few years, there has been a recent recovery in key commodities such as oil and iron ore, however the balance of risks remains to the...Read more

The fate of the property bubble

Patrick Broughton, Investment Committee Member

As one of the most important asset classes for Australians, the fate of our residential property market affects much of our economy – from bank...Read more

Prepare your super for proposed budget changes

Nerida Cole, Investment Committee Member

Speculation continues that changes to current superannuation tax breaks will be a feature of the 2016 Federal Budget when it is handed down on May 3rd....Read more

Why cash still commands respect

Lyle Meaney, Managing Director, Wealth Advice

The importance of cash within a portfolio cannot be understated. Cash may no longer be king but it still commands a place within a well diversified...Read more

Finding your financial feet

Nerida Cole, Investment Committee Member

I’m thrilled to celebrate International Women’s Day – a day where as women we can acknowledge how far we’ve come and how much more...Read more

10 investment lessons from 2015

Nerida Cole, Investment Committee Member

Australian interest rates continued to fall as did the price of resources amidst a weak outlook for the Australian economy, yet 2015 was not all bad news...Read more

What to do with public service super

Nerida Cole, Investment Committee Member

Superannuation is a large and important part of the remuneration of any public servant. But in the changing workplace, it’s no longer a set-and-forget...Read more

SMSF trustees escape budget scrutiny – for now

Nerida Cole, Investment Committee Member

Changes to superannuation may not have been a focus of this year’s budget, but trustees shouldn’t deduce from this that super is entirely off...Read more

China’s A-game

Lyle Meaney, Managing Director, Wealth Advice

The global sharemarket landscape is continually changing and one of the best performers over the past year has been China A-Shares. Playing a central role...Read more

Why a corporate trustee for your SMSF makes sense

Nerida Cole, Investment Committee Member

Future planning your self managed super fund (SMSF) is a complex process. It is further complicated by the rule requiring at least two individuals (but no...Read more


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