Investment advice

As you plan for life after work, you may want more control over your retirement investment strategy. We can help. At Dixon Advisory, you’ll be supported by a team of investment specialists – including your own investment adviser – with unique access to the expert insights of the Investment Committee. The committee meets regularly to critically assess global risks and opportunities, and look beyond cash and shares to ensure clients like you have access to an array of traditional and alternative assets.

Grow your wealth supported by quality advice

As an investor, it is important to keep abreast of market fluctuations so that you can review and adjust your portfolio accordingly. However, this can be time-consuming and complex. At Dixon Advisory, we can help you navigate the investment process to make informed and confident decisions.

Benefit from the global experience of our Investment Committee

Our priority is helping clients achieve their investment goals with personalised and proactive advice. As an investor, you must consider investments that provide sufficient returns but you should also factor in risks. Our Investment Committee’s global perspective can provide you with a critical assessment of asset allocation to ensure you align your risk profile at every stage of your investment lifecycle.

Receive informed and tailored advice when you need it

The support that you receive from our highly qualified Investment Advisers will help you to manage your investments, position assets for long-term wealth creation and capital security, spread risk, and navigate your way through sharemarket and alternative assets. By understanding your personal investment objectives, and with knowledge gained by the insights of the Investment Committee, your Investment Adviser can appropriately tailor your advice to align with your goals.

Discover how we invest for our clients

We assist our clients to invest in the following asset classes that represent over $5 billion:

  • Australian shares
  • Asian, European, US and emerging market shares
  • cash, fixed interest and hybrids
  • gold
  • property 
  • infrastructure
  • private investments
  • sustainable investments.

Receive investment advice from the experts*

Learn how to navigate current investment markets with confidence by talking with a specialist investment adviser.