Constructing your investment portfolio

Unlock the key to effective portfolio construction

Smart asset allocation is one of the key drivers of long-term wealth creation and capital security. That is why our focus is firmly directed towards ensuring that each client's investment portfolio is positioned for the future, while allowing for current market conditions, interest rates and currency markets, which all impact portfolio performance.

Achieve the right investment mix for you

Spreading your capital across different investments to balance opportunity and risk is a vital strategy for optimising wealth. This diversification is key to both our strategy and the support we give to every client. We can help you diversify your portfolio by investing:

  • across different asset classes, such as cash, fixed interest, property, and Australian and international shares
  • within asset classes, such as purchasing shares across different industry sectors
  • across different fund managers (if investing in managed funds)
  • into different investment structures, such as inside and outside of superannuation.

Utilise our expert portfolios to balance yours

Our Investment Committee has developed a suite of investment portfolio profiles exclusively for the benefit of our clients. Each has been carefully constructed at different risk levels for various investor types. Your Investment Adviser can customise and diversify your portfolio to your individual preferences. Importantly, you always remain in control of the investment decisions – we make recommendations, but you make the decisions.

Access a variety of investment services and benefits

Your partnership with Dixon Advisory gives you access to:

  • active cash management at attractive rates
  • proactive advice on initial public offerings and secondary capital raisings
  • unique investment solutions in a number of structured investment funds
  • educational seminars and regular market commentary.

Receive investment advice from the experts*

Learn how to navigate current investment markets with confidence by talking with a specialist investment adviser.