The latest on super and investments from Daryl Dixon on Nightlife with Tony Delroy

Dixon Advisory Executive Chairman Daryl Dixon spoke about investments and recent changes to super legislation in his recent interview with Tony Delroy on Nightlife on ABC radio.

Daryl discussed the likely 10% to 15% returns for balanced and growth super funds for the 2012/13 financial year – the best result in six years – the growth of the Australian sharemarket and the outperformance of overseas markets.

He reinforced the need to ensure “you have the risks you can afford” in a super fund portfolio and to consider the returns of the past five or 10 years, not just the past 12 months. Daryl also spoke about diversifying assets and the long-term nature of investing.

In relation to super legislation, Daryl discussed the implications of changes which had been passed by both houses of parliament including:

  • an increase in the concessional contributions cap to $35,000 for individuals aged 60 and over from 1 July 2013 and for individuals aged 50 and over from 1 July 2014
  • a change to tax on excess concessional contributions where super fund members only pay their marginal rate of tax on the excess and can ask their fund to return the excess money after tax is paid
  • an additional 15% tax on super contributions made by individuals earning incomes above $300,000. 

Daryl took a number of calls on a variety of topics including making contributions to a wife’s super account, self managed super and consolidating super funds. 

Listen to Daryl’s full interview and discussion with callers on 2 July 2013. It runs for about 40 minutes.

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Daryl Dixon

Executive Chairman

Daryl Dixon is one of Australia’s foremost investment experts and a well known writer and consultant. He has provided trusted advice to thousands of personal clients over more than 25 years and is an acknowledged expert in the areas of tax, superannuation (including public sector superannuation), social security and investments.

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