How to use your family ties to build assets

In building family wealth there are several long-established initiatives investors can take to find success. There are also some pathways that would make a lot of sense but just now our investment regulations block the way. Today I want to look at a range of ideas.

With an ageing population, burgeoning government debt and expensive residential property, our working age population is under financial pressure more than ever before.

Taxes, compulsory super, acquiring or renting a home and bringing up and educating a family all contribute to the burden. Especially if the open-ended tax subsidy to geared investors is not brought under control, taxes and housing costs will continue to rise.

Action to allow the working age population to access their super to help achieve home ownership and to focus all new tax subsidies on expanding the new housing stock would be a great help. Relatively minor taxation law changes would also expand the options available to families at all income levels to help house their children.

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Daryl Dixon

Executive Chairman

Daryl Dixon is one of Australia’s foremost investment experts and a well known writer and consultant. He has provided trusted advice to thousands of personal clients over more than 25 years and is an acknowledged expert in the areas of tax, superannuation (including public sector superannuation), social security and investments.

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