Is early access to Super on the horizon?

2GB’s, Ross Greenwood speaks with Daryl Dixon on Money News exploring the rationale of a recent plan for early access to super. Join them as they discuss if superannuation should be made accessible under extreme circumstances and how this may impact home ownership in your retirement.

Daryl suggests owning a home and achieving your superannuation retirement goals are competing objectives, further detailing the benefits of having them both work together. “It’s no good if your super stops you owning your own home in retirement”.

Listen to the full interview here

Read Daryl's latest article  "self serving super industry not helping first home buyers"

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Daryl Dixon

Executive Chairman

Daryl Dixon is one of Australia’s foremost investment experts and a well known writer and consultant. He has provided trusted advice to thousands of personal clients over more than 25 years and is an acknowledged expert in the areas of tax, superannuation (including public sector superannuation), social security and investments.

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