Odd decisions make one regret Rudd’s demise

How would our political landscape look if Kevin Rudd had survived the prime ministerial coup in 2010? Like John Howard, I believe Rudd would have won the election that year and would now be preparing for his third prime ministerial election.

In 2010, Julia Gillard was an unknown quantity with a reputation for being both highly competent and a skilled negotiator. Now, it's possible to gauge how very different she is from Rudd. It's not just a matter of personality, but goes to the ideological core that has informed her political agenda.

Even though Gillard is no longer an enigmatic figure, it came as a surprise, even to her loyal supporters, to hear her tell the Australian Workers Union conference that the party she leads isn't "called the social democratic party or the progressive party or the moderate party, but the Labor Party".

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Max Walsh


Max Walsh was for many years one of Australia’s top economic and political commentators, highly regarded as a journalist, author and broadcaster. Throughout his career, Max was involved in all dimensions of the media industry, which has encompassed positions with two of Australia’s largest publishing companies and television networks.

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