Daryl Dixon on ABC radio’s Nightlife – 23 October 2012

In Daryl Dixon’s latest interview with Tont Delroy on Nightlife on ABC radio, he covered a broad range of topics on issues affecting Australian investors and superannuation funds including interest rates, the Aussie dollar, the share market, getting the budget back into surplus and the uncertainty caused by speculation of more changes to superannuation.

Daryl argued that cutting interest rates would not necessarily reduce the value of the currency and said if there was to be another interest rate reduction, the Reserve Bank may wait until December.

He remarked on the improved confidence among Australian investors, reflected particularly in dividend-paying shares, since interest rates have fallen, but said there was still a lot of uncertainty, with the election and the threat of a fiscal cliff looming in the US and issues in Europe.

Daryl took questions from listeners on topics including investing in government bonds, building super versus paying off the mortgage and investing in US property through super.

Listen to the full interview (mp3) and discussion with callers which took place on 23 October 2012. It runs for about 40 minutes.

Audio file courtesy of ABC Radio.

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Daryl Dixon

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Daryl Dixon is one of Australia’s foremost investment experts and a well known writer and consultant. He has provided trusted advice to thousands of personal clients over more than 25 years and is an acknowledged expert in the areas of tax, superannuation (including public sector superannuation), social security and investments.

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