Annual checks could pay off for DIY retirees

At least three times a year – and in certain circumstances more often – do-it-yourself superannuation fund retirees who are either eligible for the government age pension or close to it, should check they are getting the benefits to which they are entitled or ensure they are on top of any changes that could upset their budgeting.

For many in the DIY super community, this test shouldn't require too much effort. It only needs a quick look to determine whether your total assets, including your super, are greater than the upper Centrelink assets test limit.

Financial planner Nerida Cole of DIY super specialist Dixon Advisory says many people who are self-funded don't look forward to the prospect of getting Centrelink support, because it will mean their assets have run down to a point where they have to rely on government benefits.

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Nerida Cole

Investment Committee Member

Nerida has more than 20 years of industry experience. Through her expertise in strategic financial planning and advice, Nerida has helped individuals and families from diverse backgrounds to manage their finances and superannuation during their careers and into retirement. 

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