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Dixon Advisory experts regularly provide commentary on personal finance, superannuation, investments and business news for some of Australia’s most recognised media outlets. Links or copies of articles and interviews are updated into this section of the website on a regular basis and the discussions can provide valuable insights into common questions and current events.

Hazel Tan discusses the overnight plunge in US markets and considerations for investors – Your Money

US markets experienced an overnight plunge, despite the US economy being strong. Join Dixon Advisory’s Hazel Tan on Your Money as she discusses some of the key economic indicators...Read more

Hazel Tan, 25 October 2018, Your Money

Alice Cowper talks US interest rates and the retail sector in Australia – Your Money

What are the key economic indicators the US Federal Reserve watches when it comes to interest rates? Join Dixon Advisory’s Alice Cowper on Your Money as she discusses some of the...Read more

Alice Browne (nee Cowper), 4 October 2018, Your Money

Hazel Tan discusses US interest rates, inflation and opportunities in the US market – Sky News Business

A strong US economy has led the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. Join Dixon Advisory’s Hazel Tan on Sky News Business as she discusses the recent rate increase and the...Read more

Hazel Tan, 27 September 2018, Sky News Business

Time to help and protect the public

Savers and investors have good reason to be upset learning through the ongoing proceedings of the banking royal commission how ineffective the corporate regulators have been in protecting... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 23 September 2018, The Canberra Times

Nerida Cole on tech stocks and disruption – Sky News Business

Tech stocks have seen a lot of volatility, with congressional scrutiny over how social media companies are treating data and the possibility of new regulation. While valuations are high...Read more

Nerida Cole, 20 September 2018, Sky News Business

Alice Cowper on US markets and impact of US–China trade war on Australia’s economy – Sky News Business

As markets question where the US–China trade war could end - how could the global economy work around it? Join Dixon Advisory’s Alice Cowper on Sky News Business as she...Read more

Alice Browne (nee Cowper), 20 September 2018, Sky News Business

Nerida Cole on geopolitical instability – Sky News Business

How do you position your portfolio for long term growth, amid record low interest rates, geopolitical instability and stretched valuations? Join Dixon Advisory’s Nerida Cole as she...Read more

Nerida Cole, 18 September 2018, Sky News Business

Nerida Cole and Ishara Rupasinghe take callers’ questions about all things superannuation – ABC Radio Nightlife

Making money last in retirement is harder than ever, as life expectancies are increasing and funding your retirement is not just about what your investments earn. Knowing the ins and outs... Read more

Nerida Cole, 17 September 2018, ABC Radio Nightlife


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ABC Nightlife dates for 2020

Nerida Cole and Ishara Rupasinghe will once again appear on ABC Nightlife Radio throughout 2020 accompanied by host Philip Clark.

Tune into the program to hear Nerida and Ishara discuss the latest topics in personal finance, super and the economy.