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Dixon Advisory experts regularly provide commentary on personal finance, superannuation, investments and business news for some of Australia’s most recognised media outlets. Links or copies of articles and interviews are updated into this section of the website on a regular basis and the discussions can provide valuable insights into common questions and current events.

Nerida and Mimi on why super is still an effective investment vehicle for retirement – ABC Radio Nightlife

What is the latest on superannuation? Join experts Nerida Cole and Mimi Gomez on ABC Radio Nightlife as they take callers’ questions and provide an overview of current market... Read more

Nerida Cole, 6 March 2019, ABC Radio Nightlife

Nerida Cole talks new data, Australian property and world markets – Your Money

With a big week ahead for the Australian economy, Dixon Advisory’s Nerida Cole guest hosts Your Money to help give investors the inside track on the data being released and what it...Read more

Nerida Cole, 6 March 2019, Your Money

Alice Cowper on headwinds influencing RBA policy – Your Money

What are the headwinds influencing the Reserve Banks’s direction on interest rates? Dixon Advisory’s Alice Cowper discusses the challenges the Australian economy is currently...Read more

Alice Browne (nee Cowper), 6 March 2019, Your Money

Nerida Cole on the markets and economic headwinds for Australia – ABC News Weekend Breakfast

Despite the strong performance of the Australian sharemarket in February, there are signs the economy is slowing. Join Nerida Cole on ABC News Weekend Breakfast as she offers her...Read more

Nerida Cole, 5 March 2019, ABC News Weekend Breakfast

Madison Kennedy talks European consumer stocks, airlines and Rio Tinto – ABC Radio Canberra

New geopolitical tensions are in the air – but this time, it’s not US and China making headlines. Dixon Advisory’s Madison Kennedy joins ABC Radio Canberra to provide an... Read more

Madison Kennedy, 28 February 2019, ABC Radio Canberra

Ishara discusses property in Australia and tips for parents – ABC News Breakfast

New research has found that more properties are currently for sale than at any time since 2012. Dixon Advisory’s Ishara Rupasinghe joins ABC News Breakfast to discuss some of the...Read more

Ishara Rupasinghe, 28 February 2019, ABC Weekend Breakfast

Madison Kennedy discusses the markets, vitamins and vegetables – ABC Radio Canberra

Why were international markets subdued overnight, and how are they looking this Wednesday? Dixon Advisory’s Madison Kennedy joins ABC Radio Canberra to discuss this and more. With... Read more

Madison Kennedy, 27 February 2019, ABC Radio Canberra

Alice Cowper on why China remains attractive to investors – Your Money

Why does China remain attractive to investors? Following a market rally on the news of a trade truce between the US and China, Dixon Advisory Associate Director Alice Cowper explains...Read more

Alice Browne (nee Cowper), 27 February 2019, Your Money


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ABC Nightlife dates for 2020

Nerida Cole and Ishara Rupasinghe will once again appear on ABC Nightlife Radio throughout 2020 accompanied by host Philip Clark.

Tune into the program to hear Nerida and Ishara discuss the latest topics in personal finance, super and the economy.