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Managing an SMSF takes time and there is much to consider. Keeping on top of investments, understanding changes to super rules, developing a succession plan, and meeting all your administration and compliance requirements can be challenging. Our experts currently support more than 8,000 members to help grow and manage their SMSFs. Book now for a consultation* and discover how we may be able to help you.

During your consultation, you can explore:

  • How a supported service may be able to help you
  • How our specialists can help navigate changing super rules
  • Superannuation and succession planning strategies

Why have clients chosen Dixon Advisory?

  • Ways we can help you and more than 8,000 other SMSF members with their SMSF
  • Considerations for managing your SMSF and investments as you age
  • How we can assist you navigate an ever-changing super environment
  • Ideas for investing beyond cash and shares
  • How our service can still allow you to stay in control of your SMSF

Talk to an expert and explore how we could support you in managing your SMSF to help make the most of your time.


Need SMSF help? Award-winning service