Men's Shed

The Men's Shed movement has grown from a local initiative to have an international impact on the lives of men and the wider community. We are proud to support the Men’s Shed movement with financial support for its ongoing operation and educational sessions to help empower members in managing their retirement finances.

Three timely considerations to support retirement under the new super rules

On November 23, the complex proposals heralding Australia’s biggest change to super in 10 years received the approval of the Senate. And while the reforms mean that it will soon become much harder to build your wealth entirely in super, the finalisation of the legislation clearly reveals how the Government intends those new rules to be implemented.

Of particular importance is knowing that there is now limited time available to review your current strategies and maximise your wealth in super before the new rules come in to effect. To start taking advantage of this six-month window of opportunity, we suggest you investigate the following three considerations as a priority.

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Local firm, global outlook

Dixon Advisory is a financial advice firm supporting over 8,000 Australian trustees to optimise their wealth for retirement through self managed super funds (SMSFs). Our support includes year-round investment, accounting, compliance and administration assistance – something we’ve been committed to for 30 years. As one of Australia’s premier SMSF providers, our team of more than 350 employees based in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and New York work together to provide a global outlook for investing.

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“As advocates of promoting good health, creativity and happiness, we are really proud to be aligned and support a number of Men’s Sheds in the communities where we live and work."

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