Advantages of a supported SMSF

Explore the benefits of our supported SMSF service

We are here to support all our clients in growing their wealth for retirement and making the best financial decisions for their future. The Dixon Advisory supported self managed super fund (SMSF) service will give you the confidence to manage your own fund with as little or as much assistance as you need.  

You are always in control of your SMSF

Partnering with Dixon Advisory to support your SMSF provides many benefits. As the trustee, you are ultimately responsible for making all the decisions, but you can elect to receive a tailored amount of financial advice and technical support from our SMSF specialists. This allows you to retain complete control over your SMSF, while at the same time benefiting from ongoing access to our SMSF knowledge and support services as you need them. 

Eight smart reasons to partner with us

1. Expert financial advice

Receive accounting, investment, estate planning, insurance, mortgage, property and financial advice designed to help you make more informed decisions.

2. Compliance, accounting and bookkeeping services

We can manage the compliance needs of your SMSF relating to current tax and super laws. Plus, we’ll prepare and file your SMSF audit and taxation financial statements, and manage your paperwork and records.

3. Personalised investment recommendations

As your SMSF partner, we are committed to getting to know you and your retirement plans. This includes regular portfolio reviews to develop tailored investment strategies, which utilise asset classes that best support your goals. 

4. Informed market insights

Benefit from the global insights of our Investment Committee, which comprises financial, superannuation and investment experts who regularly share balanced market analysis across a broad range of asset classes.

5. Specialist financial services

We provide fee-for-service advice in many areas that may impact your existing SMSF plans, including separation, divorce, property, redundancy and pension structure. 

6. SMSF tax strategies

Our fee-for-service SMSF tax strategies are available to complement your investment goals. We can provide advice on contributing to your super and commencing income streams in a tax-effective and time-sensitive manner, as well as managing capital gains tax issues when structuring your SMSF portfolio to minimise overall tax obligations. 

7. Succession planning for the future

Protect your investments against unforeseen circumstances and preserve your wealth for your beneficiaries with a personalised SMSF succession planning strategy designed to help you manage your SMSF in your later years.

8. Technical support as you need it

We can provide the expert technical advice to make the most of your SMSF, as and when you need it.

Discover how we can support your SMSF

If you are seeking customised SMSF investment and compliance advice, talk to us about the benefits of a supported SMSF service.