Investment opportunities

Make informed decisions about your SMSF investments

As an SMSF trustee, you know that effective and timely management of your SMSF investments is key to maximising your retirement wealth, but it can be challenging to keep abreast of dynamic and evolving financial markets. This is why we continually look beyond cash and shares to assess risks and opportunities against the needs of all our SMSF clients. Our global perspective provides an array of investment choices designed to complement existing portfolios and changing market conditions.

Proactive SMSF investment strategies tailored to you

As a local firm with a global outlook, we are committed to helping you make the right financial decisions to achieve your retirement goals. You’ll receive proactive investment advice based on your personal preferences and circumstances. To support you in making investment decisions, your investment advisor will regularly review your portfolio to tailor investment recommendations based on your goals, preferences and risk tolerance.

What investment support can you expect?

  • asset allocation – ensuring you have an appropriate distribution of investments in both defensive and growth assets
  • diversification – ensuring you are invested across a range of asset classes that don’t all behave the same way at the same time
  • capital growth – securing assets at the right time that are expected to appreciate in value over time to assist in building wealth
  • income generation – diversifying the source of cash flow in your portfolio to regulate returns to support your living expenses
  • risk management – actively identifying risks to manage and avoid
  • unique investment opportunities – proactively reviewing markets and keeping you informed of developments and investment opportunities, and helping you access non-traditional assets that may be difficult for retail investors to access on their own or without specialist knowledge.

What are some of the alternative investment opportunities?

Alternative assets to cash and shares can be viable options for SMSF investors. Because they behave differently, they can provide opportunities to diversify, smooth out volatility and potentially enhance returns.
At Dixon Advisory, we’re excited about helping our clients access a range of different investment opportunities including:

  • renewables – with widespread support for carbon reduction, there is a shift in the way the people are thinking about and investing in alternative energies such as solar power
  • disruptive technologies – technologies such as driverless cars, 3D printing, cloud software, smartphones, new media and artificial intelligence continue to change existing industries and create new markets
  • overseas residential real estate – the Australian residential property market may not always be the best option; viable investment opportunities can be found in overseas residential property markets such as New York (US)
  • Australian commercial real estate – commercial real estate can present higher returns than residential property as well as potentially delivering substantial capital growth over the long term
  • private equity – smaller early stage private businesses, not yet listed, that are less responsive to global market shifts can be a good source of long-term returns particularly when approached with dividends in mind.

Benefit from expert economic insights

Our esteemed Investment Committee comprises highly experienced financial minds. Their expertise in economics, financial markets, corporate strategy, and private and public superannuation across all major markets will help guide your investment decisions. Specifically, they’ll share insights and investment opportunities across nine different asset classes and provide analysis of companies, industries and wider macroeconomic drivers.

How Australian investors can access investments outside traditional asset classes

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