Succession planning

Prepare for the future with expert advice

Succession planning is a very personal, sensitive and complex area to navigate – and one that is vital to helping shape the future of your self managed super fund (SMSF) in your later years. That’s why succession planning is a key focus of our supported SMSF service. We work closely with our clients to ensure they carefully plan for the future transfer of their wealth and legacy.

Managing your SMSF in your later years

As trustee, you are responsible for managing your fund and must consider that over time, external factors and unforeseen events can change your priorities – and consequently those of your SMSF. These can also potentially limit your ability to make decisions or operate your fund. Preparing for any outcome is highly recommended as is having support in place for your SMSF and other associated trustees. Support can come from a professional partnership or through family and friends; however, allowing sufficient time to develop a relationship with a professional adviser and learning each trustee’s preferences is a good way to assist with succession and estate planning.

Uncover the steps to SMSF succession planning

We work with you to create a tailored SMSF succession plan that helps to provide certainty for your beneficiaries. We understand the circumstances specific to ageing trustees and can help mitigate related risks. Our team of lawyers, financial advisers, accountants and investment professionals collaborate to support you in the creation of a succession strategy that can help you:

  • manage your SMSF as you age
  • manage your SMSF following the death of a spouse
  • pass benefits on to your chosen beneficiaries.

Support your beneficiaries with a practical estate plan

We can assist you in developing a practical estate plan designed to support your beneficiaries which may help to:

  • ensure their inheritance is handled in a tax-effective manner
  • help protect their inheritance in the event of divorce or bankruptcy
  • distribute death benefits in a tax-effective manner
  • guard against undue waste and dissipation due to any vulnerabilities
  • pass on assets according to your wishes.

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