Advice on redundancy pay and packages

Redundancy pay advice

If you are facing a potential redundancy from your employer or have recently received a redundancy package, there is much to consider when trying to understand its impact on your financial future.

We can help you work through your options and determine appropriate and effective  decisions for your circumstances and goals.

Key considerations to work through may include:

  • whether to accept the redundancy package, if voluntary, based on your financial circumstances
  • the impact of redundancy on your overall financial position, including the option to retire
  • understanding the tax implications of receiving a termination payment and leave entitlements
  • what to do with redundancy and leave payments, including paying down debt and investing in superannuation
  • the impacts of redundancy on your super (including defined benefit super) and understanding your claim options.

To find out more, please talk to one of our financial advisers. 

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