Anthony Chiefari

Executive Wealth AdvisorBCom, MAppFin

Anthony Chiefari provides investment and portfolio construction advice to clients in Sydney and Brisbane, which is in line with the views of the Dixon Advisory Investment Committee. As a member of the Family Wealth Management team, Anthony enjoys advising clients on the opportunities and risks in the market and helping them to discover ways to achieve their investment goals.

“My role is to guide clients through the investment process and assist them in managing their SMSF portfolios, providing advice on different asset classes and advocating the importance of holding a diversified portfolio", Anthony says.

Anthony believes in the importance of keeping clients regularly informed and values building strong relationships so as to better understand an individual’s unique financial position, their attitude towards risk and what they are looking to achieve.

“Given the volatility of today’s markets, it is important to maintain a long-term focus and to choose investments with solid fundamentals when making investment decisions", he says. “All investment decisions should take into account a client’s tolerance to risk, long-term goals and where the investment fits within a diversified portfolio.”

According to Anthony, clients benefit from receiving cohesive investment advice under the guidance of the Investment Committee, whose members share a wealth of knowledge and experience in a broad range of markets.

Anthony has a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Management) from the University of Sydney. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and Master of Applied Finance from Kaplan Professional Australia, and is also accredited to provide investment advice by the Stockbrokers Association of Australia.