201 Tax and Investment Strategies

Daryl Dixon, 1991

Drawing on Daryl Dixon’s many years of hands-on investment and policy experience, this book provides practical strategies dealing with financial management, tax and investment planning including tax-saving strategies for the 1991-92 financial year.

As well as giving an overview of the tax system, Daryl provides tax and investments strategies for a range of areas at different stages of life including:

  • investing in your house
  • providing for your retirement
  • choosing an appropriate business/investment structure
  • tax-effective borrowing
  • tax issues such as capital gains tax, income splitting, special tax concessions and gearing and negative gearing
  • investment options such as fixed interest investments, property, equities, borrowing as a strategy and superannuation choices
  • getting a pension and investment policies for retirement
  • assisting family members.

This edition is an expanded and updated edition of Daryl Dixon’s Guide to 161 Tax and Investment Strategies.