The Way Ahead in Fiscal Policy

Daryl Dixon, 1991

Commissioned by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and Monash University’s Public Sector Management Institute during the 1990-91 rececession, Daryl Dixon wrote this discussion paper to promote awareness of the prevalent social policy challenges and economic problems and to suggest possible solutions in the area of fiscal policy.

In The Way Ahead in Fiscal Policy, Daryl recommended a series of fiscal policy reforms including:

  • income tax reform to encourage savings and productive investment
  • reform of retirement incomes to encourage private saving and provide superannuation tax concessions on an equitable basis
  • changes to the income security system to integrate tax and social security provisions
  • maintenance of social wage expenditures in the climate of fiscal restraint 
  • reform of federal-state financial relations
  • promotion of greater simplicity in savings and investment decisions.