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The golden touch – why gold is the asset to watch right now

Lyle Meaney, Managing Director, Wealth Advice

Gold has always been appealing – Olympians compete for it, early civilizations equated it with gods and rulers, while the Incas referred to it as the...Read more

Indian summer – capitalising on emerging market consumption

Dixon Advisory

Already a force to reckon with, emerging markets are commanding more economic and political power as they grow and flourish thanks to rising trade and...Read more

The 2016 financial year in review

Lyle Meaney, Managing Director, Wealth Advice

The 2016 financial year (FY16) was a challenge, largely due to negative macroeconomic and geopolitical factors and spiking volatility at levels not seen...Read more

Euro games – the effect of geopolitics on investing today

Patrick Broughton, Investment Committee Member

Global politics is currently very interesting and notwithstanding the situation here at home, it is timely to take stock of the underlying market situation...Read more

Hello sunshine – why solar will power the future of investing

Alex MacLachlan, Chief Executive Officer, Walsh & Company

The sun does more than wake us, warm us and nurture our planet. Every hour the sun beams more than enough energy to satisfy global needs for an entire year...Read more

Brexit backlash – the fallout for investors

Patrick Broughton, Investment Committee Member

The mood in London is universally glum after last week’s Brexit referendum was won by the “leave” party. Even the exiteers are feeling...Read more

The case for diversity – Australian equity investing in the current market

Lyle Meaney, Managing Director, Wealth Advice

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) recently cut the target cash rate to an all-time low of 1.75 per cent, placing the Australian economy in a unique...Read more

Made in China – why this is a must-watch market

Dixon Advisory

Between 1980 and 2010, over 600 million people moved out of poverty in China. As this massive group transitions into the middle class, they are bringing...Read more

Spotlight on the sharemarket

Patrick Broughton, Investment Committee Member

The heightened risks surrounding the Australian economy continue in light of the transition away from mining-related investment and an over-reliance on the...Read more

The election economy

Patrick Broughton, Investment Committee Member

Neither the ‘election budget’ nor the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) dropping cash rates to their all-time low recently offers huge scope to be...Read more


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