Lean times coming up for savers

Getting ahead and accumulating wealth is likely to become even more difficult than it is now for ordinary Australians. This is especially so for outright home owners who no longer have...

Daryl Dixon, 14 October 2018, The Canberra Times

Uncertain times for investors

Predicting future trends in sharemarkets is always difficult, but at present rising US interest rates and proposals to change the imputation credit system are increasing uncertainty for...

Daryl Dixon, 7 October 2018, The Canberra Times

The credit squeeze is tightening

Even though interest rates remain near historic low levels, tougher banking regulations and scrutiny of the banking royal commission have reduced the ability of the self-employed to fund...

Daryl Dixon, 30 September 2018, The Canberra Times

Time to help and protect the public

Savers and investors have good reason to be upset learning through the ongoing proceedings of the banking royal commission how ineffective the corporate regulators have been in...

Daryl Dixon, 23 September 2018, The Canberra Times

Madison Kennedy discusses pressure on the Australian dollar – ABC Radio Canberra

What’s causing the Australian dollar to fluctuate? Join Dixon Advisory’s Madison Kennedy as she discusses and runs through the morning market update. As domestic banks raise...

Madison Kennedy, 14 September 2018, ABC Radio Canberra

Madison Kennedy on Australian economy and the trillion dollar club – ABC Radio Canberra

Did you hear Amazon is the latest company to join the trillion dollar club? Join Dixon Advisory’s Madison Kennedy as she discusses how the company has disrupted the retail sector....

Madison Kennedy, 13 September 2018, ABC Radio Canberra

Best way to cope with rate rises

Tighter regulations and slowing credit growth are forcing financial institutions, including Westpac and Suncorp, to increase their variable interest rates. These increases come when the...

Daryl Dixon, 9 September 2018, The Canberra Times

Nerida Cole discusses reporting season results for resources - Sky News Business

In reporting season: Dixon Advisory’s Nerida Cole takes a closer look at some key issues impacting some stocks. From concerns around commodity prices, higher oil prices and demand...

Nerida Cole, 5 September 2018, Sky News Business

Nerida Cole discusses world market, borrowing rates and women’s finances - ABC Weekend Breakfast

What’s going on in the world market? From the US market hitting record highs, further tariffs on the US from China and concerns around some emerging markets with currencies under...

Nerida Cole, 4 September 2018, ABC Weekend Breakfast

Super traps for the unwary

The stream of misconduct revelations emanating from the banking royal commission shows how little successive governments and regulators have done over the years to protect superannuation...

Daryl Dixon, 26 August 2018, The Canberra Times


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