Is Currency Depreciation the Last Tool Left?

The Reserve Bank of Australia follows the commendable practice of scattering what it calls boxes throughout the main text of its regular reports on monetary policy...

12 February 2015

Australian investors should exercise caution in current financial climate

The Greek election victory of the anti-austerity Syriza party has increased investor uncertainty by putting further strain on the stability and growth prospects of the Euro Block...

Daryl Dixon, 29 January 2015, The Sydney Morning Herald

Why deflation has overtaken all our other worries

Macro policy Economists have at last found something they can agree on: they are running out of tools to kickstart a global economy that has been struggling since 2008...

Max Walsh, 29 January 2015, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

The shadows of deflation fall across the G20

Economics Developed countries facing poor growth and emerging economies trying to cut debt have made a nasty cocktail for the world...

Max Walsh, 20 November 2014, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

Outlook not necessarily brighter

Forecasts are mixed. While we can always live in hope, investors need to be aware that the recent sharp rebound in world sharemarkets does not necessarily mean that better times lie ahead...

Daryl Dixon, 1 November 2014, The Canberra Times

Unsettling time for investors

As foreshadowed two weeks ago, the good times for superannuation fund and other share investors may have come to an end with sharemarkets around the world under selling pressure. It's too early to know whether this is a correction or possibly more likely an early warning of difficult times ahead...

Daryl Dixon, 20 October 2014, The Canberra Times

Why Luddites might be making a big comeback

Employment Work creation schemes risk being left behind by technology. But we still do not know where digital and robotic developments will take us...

Max Walsh, 9 October 2014, Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

Investment needs to be encouraged

Long gone are the days when senior bureaucrats made and kept their decisions behind closed doors. Now we have jawboning and public attempts to influence commercial and investment decisions. Judging from recent statements...

Daryl Dixon, 7 October 2014, The Canberra Times

Restless Hong Kong will be big test of Xi Jinping's China dream

Democracy China's new leader has an expansive vision for the country, but a dictatorial one too. How will that steer his handling of Hong Kong? Shortly after Xi Jinping became President...

Max Walsh, 3 October 2014, Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

What else is lurking in darker corners of the world economy?

Crisis Economists' models failed to pick up on small events in dim corners of the economy which caused spiralling problems elsewhere.

Max Walsh, 11 September 2014, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)


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