Dragons in Dark Corners

In the early days of cartography (circa 1500) the problem of depicting the unknown on maps was addressed by leaving the space blank, except for the warning “hic sunt dracones” (here be dragons).

Max Walsh, 11 September 2014

The Return of History

Francis Fukuyama penned what became the provocative essay “The End of History?” in 1989, following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the cold war.

Max Walsh, 5 September 2014

History has not come to an end – it has returned with a vengeance

Megatrends The triumph of liberal democracy and the so-called Great Moderation coincided – but neither has been durable.

Francis Fukuyama penned what became the...

Max Walsh, 4 September 2014, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

Don't get burnt by property market

Know the market: Understand the risks.
How seriously should property investors take recent warnings that Australian property prices are 20 per cent to...

Daryl Dixon, 1 September 2014, The Canberra Times

Deflation sees Europe start turning Japanese

The latest iteration of the European crisis has seen the rot spread to the big core economies. Now some in the US fear a secular slowing there. 

Max Walsh, 14 August 2014, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

Europe’s Japanafication

I have just returned from a European river cruise that took me from Amsterdam to Budapest. It’s a voyage that’s highly recommended....

Max Walsh, 13 August 2014

Low interest rates boosting shares

The US share indices have reached new highs but the Australian market, despite touching a six-year high this week, is still around 20 per cent below its previous highs. Understanding why...

Daryl Dixon, 27 July 2014, The Canberra Times

Making plans for top-heavy future

Many Australians are now wondering about the outcome of the May federal budget proposals. Even with the repeal of the carbon tax achieved, it's unclear how many and which of the...

Daryl Dixon, 21 July 2014, The Canberra Times

Choosing betwixt property and shares

Last week's Asset Check prediction that the coming year should be another good one for investors brought queries about when and how this might change. Surely, one reader asked,...

Daryl Dixon, 13 July 2014, The Canberra Times

Here We Go Again

For the first time since 1993 a basket of six globally significant financial asset indicators has rallied in unison for the first half of the year.

Max Walsh, 10 July 2014


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