Financial strategies

Bonds lose lustre as rates rise

With Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen signalling that US official rates could soon rise, now's the time to review the merits of bond and other fixed interest fund investments. With... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 27 November 2016, The Canberra Times

New playing field for investment

With the election outcome settled, investors can plan ahead with greater certainty, at least until the next election. For younger and even middle-aged taxpayers, accumulating large amounts... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 17 July 2016, The Canberra Times

Tactics to reduce tax bill

While higher income taxpayers don't know whether the budget proposal to lower tax bills on those earning $80,000 or more annually will be legislated, claiming tax deductions this year could result in larger tax savings.Read more

Daryl Dixon, 29 May 2016, The Canberra Times

It's not the time to buy off the plan

Buying apartments off-the-plan involves construction risks and uncertainty about the quality of the finished product. Unhappy purchasers have limited recourse to protect their interests... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 17 April 2016, The Canberra Times

Higher gearing encouraged

While all the attention is now on Labor's proposal to limit negative gearing deductions to newly constructed properties, its proposal to tax 75 per cent of all capital gains on assets... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 28 February 2016

Rising school fees - tips and strategies to pay them

Annual tuition costs can be up to $35,000 for the most expensive high schools in Sydney and Melbourne. Fees at many private schools in those cities are between $20,000 and $30,000. When you... Read more

Nerida Cole, 15 February 2016, ASX

The magic of the mortgage offset account

Financial deregulation and keen competition between lenders have greatly expanded the options available to borrowers. Among the many improvements is the widespread availability of mortgage offset accounts.Read more

Daryl Dixon, 23 October 2015, The Age

Don’t set-and-forget super: what you need to know

Super is a large and important part of the remuneration of any public servant. But in the changing workplace, it’s no longer a set-and-forget investment. Your super may need adjusting... Read more

Nerida Cole, 15 October 2015, The Mandarin

Super check: diverse careers require flexible funds

Career paths in the public sector are changing significantly as the traditional demarcation lines between government and private sector have blurred. Modern public servants could find... Read more

Nerida Cole, 8 October 2015, The Mandarin

Three steps to freedom for the freshly single

The breakdown of a long-term relationship can be emotionally and financially devastating. After agreeing the terms of a financial settlement, setting new financial goals can feel like an... Read more

Nerida Cole, 2 October 2015, Sydney Morning Herald


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