Financial strategies

Dividend reinvestment plans provide attractive benefits

Fund manager criticism that the issuing of new shares via dividend reinvestment plans results in the dilution of investors' equity in their companies is largely misguided. The banks... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 2 March 2014, The Canberra Times

Moving to state public service - assessing your total remuneration package

Your total remuneration package (TRP) represents the sum of your: base salary superannuation including employer productivity superannuation contribution or the superannuation guarantee... Read more

1 January 2014

Moving to state public service

Relocating interstate to take up a Senior Executive Service (SES) position with the state public service can provide many opportunities as well as significant costs. The move may present... Read more

1 January 2014

Benefits of diversification

To reduce the risk of losing capital when investing, you should diversify your investment portfolio . Diversification means spreading your capital across different investments to reduce... Read more

1 January 2014

Asset classes

Investments can be categorised into specific asset classes according to a range of factors such as: the type of investment (shares, property or bonds), whether they provide potential income or capital growth, and the risk/return profile of the investment.Read more

1 January 2014

Spouse splitting contributions may have benefits

If you’re a member of a couple and close to retirement, transferring part of your concessional or tax deductible contributions to your spouse’s super account (or having them... Read more

1 January 2014

UniSuper a defined disadvantage for young

Unis continue to use the scheme despite the in-built bias in favour of older members Younger members of the UniSuper defined benefit fund may be disadvantaged by a large cross-subsidy to... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 17 December 2013, The Australian (subscription required)

Oversupply of apartments in Canberra market is good news for renters

Several readers were keen to point out that there is an upside to the problems facing the off-the-plan apartment buyers discussed in Asset Check last week. The emerging oversupply of... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 16 December 2013, The Canberra Times

Risks for buyers in uncertain apartment sector

Despite reports of rising property prices and an emerging boom, the situation in the Canberra market is different, especially in the apartment sector. In Sydney and Melbourne, the demand... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 8 December 2013, The Canberra Times


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