Government policy

Look for solutions to pension puzzle

Millions of present and future retirees would be big winners if the newborn government's mantra of "work, save, invest" included a rethink of the 2017 age pension asset test... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 6 October 2015, The Canberra Times

Turnbull has Churchillian gifts - and their drawbacks

Encounters with Malcolm Turnbull can live up to Chamberlain's quip that talking with Churchill was like arguing with a brass band. Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain were two... Read more

Max Walsh, 1 October 2015, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

Pension policy hits renters

CEDA's proposal to allow first-home buyers to access their superannuation has been harshly criticised by the self-serving superannuation industry. CEDA's report emphasises the need... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 15 September 2015, The Canberra Times

The party might be over

Recent gyrations in world sharemarkets aren't unexpected and follow the warnings of major super funds that future investment returns are likely to be lower than they've been for several years...Read more

Daryl Dixon, 1 September 2015, The Canberra Times

Compulsory super not the only answer

Millions of ordinary Australians will not necessarily benefit if our politicians accept the superannuation industry's latest campaign for a bipartisan agreement to increase the compulsory super rate from 9.5 per cent to 12 per cent of salary by 2022...Read more

Daryl Dixon, 16 August 2015, The Canberra Times

Upside to paying off the mortgage

Given the uncertainties surrounding government policies and future investment returns, there's understandable confusion concerning the best financial planning options...Read more

Daryl Dixon, 26 July 2015, The Canberra Times

Untangling retirement policy maze

Continuing controversy over the generosity of the superannuation tax concessions and changes to the age pension arrangements are complicating retirement planning for millions of Australians...Read more

Daryl Dixon, 19 July 2015, The Canberra Times

Policy switch on life insurance is long overdue

The recent agreement between the government and the life insurance industry to halve the maximum commissions payable to agents during the next three years is great news for many Australians...Read more

Daryl Dixon, 12 July 2015, The Canberra Times

Reducing risks of borrowing

As the banking regulator APRA's recent attempts to slow the growth of investment property borrowing show, historically low interest rates and the easy availability of credit have increased the risks for both borrowers and lenders...Read more

Daryl Dixon, 24 June 2015, The Canberra Times

Maybe it's time to switch into reverse

Last week's analysis of the treatment of non-homeowners revealed just how little attention successive governments have to the changing circumstances of retirees...Read more

Daryl Dixon, 5 March 2015, The Sydney Morning Herald


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