Government policy

Pressure on retirees

Deprived of good returns on safe investments, self-funded retirees are turning to risky investments that could lead to capital losses...Read more

Daryl Dixon, 19 February 2015, The Sydney Morning Herald

Borrowers would bear pain of rates rise

Our major banks are lobbying hard to convince the government and the Murray Financial System Inquiry that raising the mandatory capital reserve requirements will see borrowing costs rise and shareholder returns fall...Read more

Daryl Dixon, 9 November 2014, The Canberra Times

The announcement of the deferral of rises to super contributions won't be a huge setback for Australians

Contrary to alarmist claims of a more than $100 billion slug to savings, this week's announcement of the deferral of the phased-in rise of compulsory employer super contributions to 12... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 8 September 2014, The Canberra Times

Super tacks fail common sense

Although Peter Costello’s 2007 superannuation taxation changes are seen as overly generous for a small number of higher income taxpayers, the burgeoning number of proposals to collect... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 8 September 2014, The Australian (subscription required)

Choosing betwixt property and shares

Last week's Asset Check prediction that the coming year should be another good one for investors brought queries about when and how this might change. Surely, one reader asked, if all... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 13 July 2014, The Canberra Times

Our addiction to cheap money must have an end

Monetary policy Central bankers have contained the giant debt bust of 2008 with very low rates. But the return to normality could be bumpy.Read more

Max Walsh, 5 June 2014, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

Super in the line of fire

Thousands of future military recruits could miss out on one of the most generous superannuation schemes in the country, because of the cost-saving recommendations by the National Commission of Audit. Buried in the detail of the commission's report, released on Thursday, is a proposal to close the Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme to new members, a measure designed to slash about $200 million from the Commonwealth's unfunded superannuation liability bill by 2020.Read more

6 May 2014, The Canberra Times

Poor must have super freedom

The superannuation industry is bemoaning the government's decision not to proceed with the refund of the 15 per cent contributions tax levied on those earning less than $37,000 a year,... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 21 March 2014, The Australian (subscription required)

Wrong way on divi washing

Treat the loan of an asset as a capital gains tax event. The Australian Taxation Office's latest ruling to outlaw dividend washing is unlikely to be effective other than to add to red... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 1 March 2014, The Australian (subscription required)

Throw subs and super out with Holden

Article by Brian Toohey quoting Daryl Dixon Now that government assistance for the car industry is ending, the next step is to dismantle the much costlier protection to other industries... Read more

18 December 2013, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)


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