Government policy

Broadband plan will put Malcolm in the middle

Building the NBN may make the former opposition leader look like an economic saviour in a downturn. It's a counter-intuitive proposition but the second most important person in the... Read more

Max Walsh, 3 October 2013, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

Why politicians must address the reality of debt

A "strange amnesia" has left financial systems and their debt-creating tendencies out of modern macro-economics and it makes no sense. There is a tired old joke about a group of... Read more

Max Walsh, 26 September 2013, The Australian Financial Review (subscription required)

Super is safe, at least for now

Whatever the outcome of the September 7 election, major super policy changes are unlikely to be made over the term of the new government. Both the main parties have promised not to make... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 25 August 2013, The Canberra Times


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