Nerida Cole and Mimi Gomez on market volatility and strategies for your super

Tune in as Dixon Advisory’s Nerida Cole and Mimi Gomez discuss recent market volatility and strategies for your super following recent changes – on ABC Nightlife with Philip... Read more

Nerida Cole, 27 August 2019, ABC Radio Nightlife

Concerns for franking proposal

Last week Geoff Wilson, a strong critic of the proposal, highlighted what could be a serious unintended consequence to stop cash refunds of franking credits. The legislation could force up... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 9 December 2018, The Canberra Times

Get set for a bumpy ride next year

Judging by the recent volatility in both share and property markets, the coming year could be difficult for investors who’ve been lulled into complacency by the healthy returns... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 4 December 2018, The Canberra Times

Prepare for a change to imputation credit rules

With the increasing possibility of a change in government, low-income and pension fund investors need to plan for the loss of cash refunds for their unused imputation credits. Their... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 29 October 2018, The Canberra Times

Uncertain times for investors

Predicting future trends in sharemarkets is always difficult, but at present rising US interest rates and proposals to change the imputation credit system are increasing uncertainty for... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 7 October 2018, The Canberra Times

Downturn time to act with caution

After breaking 10-year highs, the Australian share market has retreated to lower levels as investors become increasingly concerned about the impact of trade wars and emerging market... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 16 September 2018, The Canberra Times

Be ready for capital gains change

Last week’s political turmoil has increased the likelihood of a change in government and major changes in taxation arrangements for investors. Significant possible changes are... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 2 September 2018, The Canberra Times

Boom time for BHP holders

BHP’s sale of its oil shale assets couldn’t have come at a better time for its shareholders. Even after reducing some of its debt, its franking credit reserve will allow it to... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 5 August 2018, The Canberra Times

High returns come at cost of high risk

With the property market under pressure and tougher scrutiny of potential borrowers, developers and desperate purchasers are increasingly being forced into the shadow banking market to fund... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 29 July 2018, The Canberra Times

Review risk and sleep soundly

With the ASX 200 major share index increasing 13 per cent and the US S&P 500 index 21 per cent higher in Australian dollar terms, share investors including our major superannuation... Read more

Daryl Dixon, 8 July 2018, The Canberra Times


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