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Public servants on steadier ground than academics

Defined-benefit funds CSS and PSS pensioners are highly unlikely to face the uncertainties plaguing UniSuper.

A protection for public servants is that a breach of the


Daryl Dixon, 1 September 2013, The Canberra Times

Uncertainty looms over uni's staff pensions

Last month, the Australian National University joined other university and public sector employers in announcing it would shed a large number of jobs. The ANU will seek 230 volunteers to...

Daryl Dixon, 6 August 2013, The Canberra Times

The ambiguous benefits of a redundancy offer

That recent Canberra Times  research revealed widespread take-up of voluntary redundancies by older public servants caused no surprise. Not only do Australian Public...

Daryl Dixon, 2 April 2013, The Canberra Times, Public Sector Informant

Regulators must act to end the UniSuper farce

The continued operation of the UniSuper fund is a serious threat to the unblemished record of Australia’s public sector defined-benefit funds. This was confirmed by the reaction to...

Daryl Dixon, 5 March 2013, The Canberra Times

Our unis are stealing their staff's futures

UniSuper University staff may lose the retirement benefits that their super fund promised them.

The fund is relying on the contributions of new younger members to help fund the...

Daryl Dixon, 5 February 2013, The Canberra Times


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