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Daryl Dixon and Dixon Advisory employees regularly write articles on self managed super funds (SMSFs) and financial issues for a number of publications including The Canberra Times, The Sun-Herald, The Australian Financial Review and Financial Review Smart Investor. We will continually update these articles here for you to read.

Weigh cost of higher capital gains tax

While attention is currently focused on the possible impact of negative gearing tax changes on property prices, investors also need to consider the impact of higher capital gains tax...

Daryl Dixon, 28 January 2018, Canberra Times

Prepare for changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax

Whether the federal Treasury's analysis that removing negative gearing tax advantages would have a minimal impact on property prices is correct or not, property investors need to...

Daryl Dixon, 27 January 2018, Canberra Times

Ishara Rupasinghe on consumer confidence, the unemployment rate and the Australian property market

How is consumer confidence impacting the retail sector? Does the latest unemployment data indicate when wages may rise? Are we seeing more first home buyers get a foothold in the...

Ishara Rupasinghe, 22 January 2018, ABC Weekend Breakfast

Have you adapted your plans for the new super world?

It’s been a big year for superannuation! Join Dixon Advisory’s experts Nerida Cole and Ishara Rupasinghe as they give tips for reassessing your retirement and estate planning...

20 December 2017, ABC Nightlife Radio

Bonds in vogue, but there's a drawback

How attractive are friendly society and life insurance bond investments for investors unable or not wanting to add to their super balances?

As with all such questions, the answer...

Daryl Dixon, 3 December 2017, The Canberra Times

The reforms that make the super system stronger and simpler

Despite continuing concerns about the impact of the new super rules, developing and implementing superannuation savings strategies have been greatly simplified. The most significant...

Daryl Dixon, 23 November 2017, The Canberra Times

Why interest rates will stay lower for longer

Despite the increasing concern of indebted borrowers about possible interest rate rises, continuing low inflation and a softening property market will ensure that even with likely rate...

Daryl Dixon, 19 November 2017, The Canberra Times

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