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Bedford CA provide access to the full suite of advice services for their clients. Dixon Advisory’s specialist investment advice complements Bedford CA’s services. We are focused on providing tailored investment advice, enabling clients to access investment opportunities between cash and equities that help them protect and grow their wealth.

Delivering client value

Dixon Advisory’s supported SMSF service provides an alternative to clients doing it all themselves or receiving advice from third party (generalist) financial planners. Some potential issues our clients may be facing, and how Dixon Advisory’s’ supported service can assist them include:

Potential client issues

  • Uncertainty and losses incurred from increased volatility in equity markets.
  • Record low cash and interest rates.
  • Lack of alternative asset classes to provide risk-rated returns.
  • Skewed to one asset class, either Australian equity, cash or property, and potentially large, lumpy assets.
  • Too much time spent on paperwork rather than personal and business decision-making.
  • Lack of time, capability and desire to do it all themselves.
  • Paying high fees for advice from a generalist financial planner.

How we can help

  • Internal Investment Committee applies its 160+ years collective experience to provide proactive advice.
  • Capability to develop products and provide access to investments tailored to SMSF trustees.
  • Providing access to asset classes between cash and equities.
  • Dedicated specialist Investment Advisor and SMSF Administrator that work together to support each SMSF.
  • Secure online access to SMSF reporting.
  • Year round mailhouse and compliance service.
  • Capped fee model, with preferred arrangements for Bedford CA clients.

The renewable factor

Why solar is now a solid investable asset class

Political and community support for climate change technologies is now unprecedented. With a new asset class between cash (lowest risk) and equities (highest risk) emerging, choosing socially responsible investments may be as good for your conscience as they are a worthwhile investment. Alex MacLachlan discusses why, in our view, solar energy infrastructure is now an investable asset class, with long-term solar contracts now presenting viable yield and risk-adjusted returns.

Things to think about

  • Am I taking control of my life savings today to prepare for the future?
  • Do I have exposure to investment assets between cash and equities in risk and returns?
  • Am I positioned to benefit from investments not linked to Australian interest rates?

For further insights into investing in solar please read Hello sunshine – why solar will power the future of investing.

Local firm, global outlook

Dixon Advisory is a financial advice firm supporting over 8,000 Australian trustees to optimise their wealth for retirement through self managed super funds (SMSFs). Our support includes year-round investment, accounting, compliance and administration assistance – something we’ve been committed to for 30 years. As one of Australia’s premier SMSF providers, our team of more than 350 employees based in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and New York work together to provide a global outlook for investing.

Where to from here?

Dixon Advisory’s Head Office is conveniently located near Bedford CA’s offices in North Sydney.

Speak to your Bedford CA Partner to arrange:

  • a no cost / no obligation meeting with Dixon Advisory to discuss your investment needs
  • an invitation to a Dixon Advisory education or investment seminar.

“My experience with Dixon Advisory has reinforced that their investment and superannuation specialisation, along with their tailored and personalised approach, will help my clients protect and grow their wealth for retirement.” 

Andrew Skyring
Director, Bedford CA

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