Nerida Cole discusses the Productivity Commission’s super report – ABC News, Afternoons

The Productivity Commission’s super report found workers could be up to $500,000 better off for their retirement, if excessive fees and underperforming funds are reformed. Join Nerida Cole on ABC News, Afternoons, as she breaks down some of the key recommendations from the report. How could the proposed top ten shortlist of default superannuation funds work in practice and will it help increase industry competition? Nerida also discusses why this report is a comprehensive system review, as recommendations are aimed at helping existing workers and new workers as they enter the system, to stop current issues continuing. As the report is very detailed and will take time to work through, in the interim, Nerida highlights why it’s important the super protection measures put forward in last year’s budget are passed; to help protect super balances from being eaten away by fees and premiums. 

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